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Virtual Events &
Livestream Productions

Transform your event into a Virtual event or a hybrid event!

Compliant with safe distancing measures, we bring Live Streaming or pre-recorded content right
into the comfort and safety of your viewers’ homes. Bring your event experience online with us today.

— Virtual Events & Livestream Productions

Live streaming an event allows you to create and share your content in real time, and is essentially a video production that is broadcasted live. Benefits of live streaming includes greater reach and interactions with your audience, allowing you to build trust. Livestream productions can also be coupled with physical audiences to create a hybrid event for the best of both worlds.

Hybrid events combine a live in-person event with an online component where your online audience can also participate in your event, wherever they are. We will curate the programme to allow both your offline and online audience to be engaged, through the use of functions such as polls, live chats, and live game platforms.

  • 1) We will provide you with a production venue.
  • 2) We will recommend you the best streaming platform to use, such as Zoom, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo Live or LinkedIn Live.
  • 3) Equipment for the live stream will also be included in our package and includes cameras, microphones, audio mixers, streaming software, lighting, and green screen amongst others.
  • 4) We can also provide services for the design of virtual background and animations as well as a selection of live hosts and technical support.

— Virtual Events

A virtual event means to bring your physical event online, and these are becoming effective methods to engage your audience as they can now participate safely and at the comfort of their home. The event can happen in real-time, or can be pre-recorded, allowing for a myriad of possibilities in programming.

  • 1) We handle the planning and management of your virtual event
  • 2) We make sure content is relevant and your attendees feel involved
  • 3) We curate interesting content and quirky names for your event to be differentiated
  • 4) We manage the briefing of speakers and recommend the best platform to use
  • 5) We manage the publicity and marketing of your event

  • 1) Virtual conferences & seminars
  • 2) Webinars
  • 3) Online music concerts
  • 4) Online movie screening
  • 5) Online games and trivia night
  • 6) Live games or competitions
  • 7) Live lucky draw

— Virtual Roadshows and Virtual Exhibitions

Building your environment in virtual reality allows your audience to engage with the exhibits and your products in 3D, allowing for a safe yet still realistic and enjoyable experience. We can customise your virtual layout with virtual booths for different products. Virtual layouts can also be customised for virtual conferences and seminars.

A virtual conference or seminar works the same way as a physical one, just that attendees attend online via a given link.
Participants can go to various virtual rooms to listen to different keynote speeches, or to network real-time with different groups of participants via live chat or video call options. Attendees can also self-schedule meetings with speakers or exhibitors before the conference and have these in their agenda for a fruitful experience.
Collaterals can be digitalized, including any handouts or contact cards, allowing for a seamless experience.

  • 1) Online trade shows & exhibitions
  • 2) Virtual career fairs
  • 3) Virtual onboarding fairs
  • 4) Virtual wedding exhibitions
  • 5) Virtual university fairs
  • 6) Virtual product launch

Virtual Roadshows and
                    Virtual Exhibitions

— Virtual Fundraising

Fundraising can also be done virtually. We will conceptualise the donation mechanics and fundraising ideas, and develop a hybrid event that allows participation compliant with safe management measures. A white label microsite can be created that allows for a seamless integration of your livestream and physical event, and that has donation and payment gateways for virtual fundraising. Live games and lucky draws can also be incorporated to allow the fundraising event to be one that is fun and entertaining for those involved.

  • 1) Virtual race
  • 2) Virtual walk
  • 3) Virtual movie night
  • 4) Virtual gala dinner
  • 5) Virtual concert

  • 1) We sit down with you to define your goals.
  • 2) We recommend you the most suitable fundraising platform. We can also create a custom website which can host games and serve livestream functions.
  • 3) We will conceptualise a fundraising mechanism that best tells your story, while also ensuring a fun and engaging experience for your participants.
  • 4) We will handle the marketing of the event, including a hybrid event launch that announces the start of your fundraiser event.
  • 5) We can seek out partnerships and sponsors for you, to provide tokens of appreciation for your donors.